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    Paul White

    Action Cameras are great for sharing your Weta activities on YouTube and social media sites but also for coaching and getting tips from others.

    See separate post on Camera Mounts for mounting options.


    While GoPro is the brand leader for Action Cameras they probably aren’t the best choice for a wet boat like a Weta – mainly because of the battery life of 1hr unless you add an external battery pack (GoPro Bacpac) with an additional waterproof housing for the battery. Changing batteries with wet fingers between races isn’t the easiest procedure or safest for the boat or camera.

    Also while some cameras are “Splash-proof” without a waterproof case, I’d recommend using an optional waterproof case as capsizing at speed will provide additional pressure compared to gently putting the camera in the water.

    There are some cameras that offer extended battery life from the outset:

    Drift Stealth 2 (US$69.99 on Amazon)

    • Supports 1080p30, 720p60 + Slow Motion
    • 3 hours battery life
    • Capture 12MP Photos
    • Wide 135° Field-of-View Lens
    • Camera Water and Shock Resistant
    • Wi-Fi for Remote Monitoring and Control
    • Time Lapse and Burst Photo Modes
    • Lens Rotates up to 300°
    • Multi-Colored LED Status Display
    • Flat and Curved Adhesive Mounts Included
    • Optional 131′ Underwater Housing (Recommended for Weta use)
    • Optional Wireless Remote Control (not waterproof!)

    Veho Muvi K-Series K2 (US$199 on Amazon)


    • Supports 1080p60 / 720p120 Slow Motion
    • Capture 16MP Stills at 8 fps
    • Wide 140° FOV Lens
    • 4hr battery life
    • Camera Housing Waterproof to 330′
    • Wi-Fi for Remote Monitoring and Control
    • Interval Capture for Time-Lapse
    • App-Based Control for iOS or Android
    • Standard 1/4″20 Tripod Adapter
    • Hook-and-Loop Fastener Mount Included
    • Adhesive and Right Angle Mounts Included

    Replay XD Prime X (US$225.00 on Amazon)


    • Captures 1080p60 and 720p at 120 fps
    • Takes 16MP Sill Photos
    • Wide 140° FOV Lens
    • Camera Waterproof to 10′ (3m)
    • 3.5 hrs Battery life
    • Wi-Fi for Live View and Remote Operation
    • 4K Interval Recording for Time-Lapse
    • T2.8 Aperture Lens with Anti-Glare Coat
    • LowBoy and Tilting Mounts Included
    • Optional Microphone Adapter
    • Optional Waterproof case to 197′ (65m) (recommended for Weta use)
    • Optional Re-Power Battery Packs (adds 3+ or 6+ hours)

    TCL SVC200 (aka Coleman CX7WP & Braun SixZero) <$40 on eBay from Hong Kong resellers

    170° view angle, 1.5 inch high definition LCD, Full HD video resolution, excellent video quality, optical glass.
    Waterproof 30 meters (with the case), with senior chipset, excellent video quality
    5.0 mega CMOS sensor, output pixel 5 mega, 12 mega, 16 mega

    While the 2hr battery life of the TCL is not as good as those above (but still better than the GoPro), the price, 170° lens angle,waterproof remote and image quality makes it a good budget choice – you can have three for the price of a GoPro!
    It also uses an old model Nokia phone battery which are cheap to buy so you can swap them over.

    Video review here

    Dazzne P2 $131.53 from Bangood China

    • 1080P HD video
    • f/2.8 large aperture 130°wide angle lens
    • 180 degree image flip function
    • Shooting video for up to 4 hours
    • Waterproof up to 20mt
    • Equipped with HDMI and USB interface
    • The first 2 inch LCD screen sport video camera
    • Small, portable and powerful, 6G+IR 130-degree HD wide-angle lens
    • Waterproof: Up to 20 meters depth under water
    • Detachable lithium battery: Able to record while charging, easy to replace and prolongs your camera’s service life
    • Support high capacity Micro SD card up to 64GB
    • HDMI HD output, TV output
    • Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shoot, Delaying shoot

    Video review here

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      Paul White

      Drift Ghost X – the best Weta camera (so far)

      The main problem with most of the cameras listed previously is the limited battery life which might be fine on a dry yacht where you can change the battery but on a weta boat like the Weta, trying to change the battery on the water makes it likely you will get the camera or battery wet – or both.

      The US $99 Drift Ghost X is one of the few affordable action cameras available with a 5hr battery without an external battery pack.

      • 5 HOUR BATTERY LIFE – Longest battery life on the market filming at 1080P Full HD. Up to 8-hours battery life with the Long-life battery module (sold separately – NOTE not compatible with the waterproof case).
      • ROTATING LENS – Easily align your shot regardless of the mounting position by turning the lens up to 300 degrees.
      • VIDEO TAGGING – Capture unexpected moments after they happen.
      • CLONE MODE – Users can sync up to 10 Ghost X or Ghost 4K cameras via WiFi. Start recording on one camera and all start recording. Change settings on one, and the rest will change.
      • CAR DVR MODE – Use the Ghost X as a safety camera by recording continuously when plugged into a power supply. When power is cut, recording will stop and save the last interval. Great for insurance purposes.

      It’s small size, light-weight and streamlined format makes it ideal for use on a boat and the light weight means it’s less likely to vibrate when mounted on a pole.

      The downsides are that it requires the optional waterproof case, especially for a wet boat like the Weta, and only provides 1080p resolution. If you need higher resolution, there is a Ghost 4K available which also has remote control but battery life is reduced to 3hrs. The Ghost X It also lacks image stabilization but if you want to stabalise shaky video footage, there are video editing products and websites that will stabalise your video files.

      An App is available for iOS or Android which enables you to change settings, preview the image, start and stop recording, transfer files and live-stream the footage. The App colour scheme makes it really hard to read in sunlight so I recommend using the buttons on the camera to start and stop recording.

      NOTE It comes with a getting started guide which is OK but doesn’t cover everything. As Drift Innovation haven’t seen fit to produce a manual for the Ghost X, I’ve created one from the Ghost 4K manual with irrelevant features removed (e.g. Remote control) but also added information such as Clone Mode which isn’t covered in the Ghost 4K manual. Use it at your own risk but comments welcome. https://tinyurl.com/drift-ghost-x-manual

      Tip: The camera is supplied without any mounts and they are available from Drift. However it is also compatible with standard 1/4″ tripod mounts and I recommend the SONY mounts as they use straps rather than thumbnuts (which means less for ropes to catch on) and also they use stainless steel parts. Don’t use Kaiser Bass or SP Gadets Mounts because they don’t use 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

      Tip: If the water temperature is cooler than the air temperature, you may get condensation forming over the lens cover of the waterproof case and obscuring the image . You can get around this either by putting the camera in the case in front of an air conditioning vent to reduce the moisture (in the car for example), or by putting strips of paper towel in the gaps between the camera and the case (making sure you don’t obscure the lens).

      Video review below

      Available from Amazon

      Aliexpress (note shipping time from China before purchase)

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