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    Martin Langhoff

      We recently got our hands on a barely-sailed 2012 Weta. We are wiping off the cobwebs, sailing it a few times a week — 🙂

      One of the AMAs leaked quite a bit of water in, so we watched Tom Kirkman’s videos and fashioned a DIY gasket from craft foam sheet. On the first sail, the hatch rim cracked 🙁

      Short term, I’ll goo it up with silicone. And I’m off to find who and where matching hatches are sold.

      Any recommendations, advise? Are we doing anything wrong?

      This weta had not sailed (sails were new), but the gelcoat color is faded, so our guess is that it sat in the sun for a summer or two.

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      Paul White
      Paul White

        The main issue is that there is no hatch available designed to be fully waterproof underwater for the size of hatch used on the Weta amas.

        Also the Chinese-made floats with the seam down the side often don’t have a flat surface at the back of the float which makes it difficult to create a seal. You need to create to get a flat surface to mount the hatch onto and you may need to use some filler to achieve this.

        Hatch suppliers have changed a few times but now I’d go with the Nairn hatches  – if they don’t fit you may need to file the opening slightly. But you do need to remove any old sealant around the opening which can be laborious – I use Turpentine Substitute and a razor blade.

        The old hatches used to be glued/sealed in without screws to hold them in place because the back of the float often wasn’t level. The 2015+ boats, without the seam down the side of the ama or the lip at the rear of the float, have a much better level surface at the back and now have screws around the hatch.

        Tom’s mod doesn’t work on the Nairn hatches which lack the large seal area and use a recessed o-ring to create the seal. If you have a leak from the Nairn hatches, you can create a better seal by adding an additional 100mm o-ring.


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        Martin Langhoff

          Quick note to add that we added some silicone and problem solved. Thanks Paul!

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