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      The Weta is balanced quite well on the trolley but there is a considerable gap between the rear support and the back of the boat. This isn’t a problem if you’re taking the boat around the boat park but if you’re putting it on a trailer and travelling long distances over bumpy roads,  it can become a problem because all the unsupported weight at the stern can cause the trolley to crack at the axle.

      There is a strengthening plate welded to the trolley in this area but the vertical welds introduce another point of weakness (Weta have now introduced a longer plate with an angled joint).  This weakness is magnified if you remove the wheels, use a combi-trailer or put the trolley on chocks so that the trolley is supported directly on the axle without any support for the rear boat cradle.

      It doesn’t really become a problem if you’re only travelling short distances, but if you’re travelling a long way over bumpy roads then all that unsupported weight bouncing up and down is going to cause stress on the soft aluminium of the trolley. The stress is made worse if you store heavy items in the boat, especially towards the stern.


      1. Use the trolley tyres to absorb impacts. Use a trailer with a platform and pull the trolley on to the trailer using ramps so that the boat is supported on the semi-inflated trolley tyres. The tyres will help to cushion the blows from road impacts especially if you don’t over-inflate them (over inflating can also cause the tyre to burst if the trolley if left in the sun while you’re sailing!).
      2. If you must remove the wheels or if you have a combi trailer that leaves the wheels unsupported, consider adding an additional support (e.g. a steel bracket) from the trailer to the rear trolley cradle.
      3. Don’t put any additional weight inside the boat apart from the sails – especially at the stern.

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