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        While it’s easier to launch and retrieve a Weta from a beach, it is possible to launch it from the deck of a ship or a dock.

        Lifting Straps
        If you are using a crane (or boom) you will need to create some webbing lifting straps which need to loop around the ama arms. If you are going to use a crane you need to have them shorter at the back (or add another rope tied to the stern) so that the boat is tipped forward which avoids the mast hitting the jib of the crane.

        Deck Launching
        I have heard of one boat that was kept on the deck of a large yacht and they inserted a length of plastic waste pipe into each of the ama sockets (as a dummy ama arm) and then tied straps around the pipes to lift the hull into the water using the boom as a crane, and then inserted the amas on the water and finally rigged the mast.

        It is possible to keep your Weta out of the water suspended on a dock as shown below. Others have kept them out of the water on a floating dock which is made up of multiple plastic cubes.

        Launching and retrieving from a raised dock

        I used to launch from the dock above which is accessed by a 2m wide gantry which was just wide enough for the Weta on the trolley. I assembled the boat on the dock and then tipped the boat into the water and tied up to hoist the sails.

        Returning and retrieval 

        Before you return, put the boat hove-to away from moored boats and fix up the fenders on the ama that will be against the dock. Tie a mooring line around each ama arm upright.

        As you approach the dock, get ready on the closest ama and ease the sails before you jump onto the dock with a mooring line in hand. When the boat is against the dock, sit on the dock with your feet over the ama while you sort out the other lines and then tie up tightly to a cleats at either end of the ama so the boat can’t swivel round and damage either the ama or the main hull.

        Retrieving the boat is more of an issue – after taking down the sails, the trick is to remove the trolley wheels to lower the trolley closer to the water. To prevent it from rolling out from under the boat as you pull it onto the dock, use the hull trolley ties to tie the trolley to a deck cleat so that the trolley axle is held on the edge of the dock with the rear support hanging over the edge.

        Then turn the boat around using the mooring lines and bowsprit so that it’s pointing towards the trolley at right angles to the dock.

        Start lifting from the bowsprit and tip the trolley down so the bowsprit clears the rear support. Then use the bow to tip the boat up so that the buoyancy of the water helps to lift it onto the trolley. Once the bow is past the forward support on the trolley, you can hold down the bow and then put your weight on the front of the trolley to lever the boat out of the water. Then slide the boat forward so it’s fully on the trolley.  Untie the trolley from the deck cleat and use the trolley ties to fix the hull in position as normal. Then put the trolley wheels you removed next to the axle either side and get under the tramps so you can use your back to raise the boat either side and put the wheels back in position on the axle. Now derig the rest of the boat.

        Dock ties
        The best way to tie a Weta to a dock is to create pool noodle fenders threaded with bungee cord which are then clipped around the amas. They are very light and can be stored below deck while sailing.

        T0 prevent damage to the bows of the amas and to the bow of the boat – you need to tie an ama tight against the dock using a mooring line from each ama upright.

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