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    Paul White
    Paul White

      While you can get closed cell foam from foam retailers it can work out quite expensive.
      Interlocking foam floor tiles are available from hardware stores advertised for kids play areas – they are inexpensive and relatively thick but firm enough not to compress with use, unlike typical exercise mats. They usually come in packs of around $10 for 4.
      – Cut off the interlocking tabs
      – Cut them in half to provide enough padding to cover the tramp and over the side facing the ama.
      – Use cable ties to hold them in place (don’t use glue because they will need replacing in the future and removing old glue is hard).

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        I’m sure I’m missing something.  How does that work Paul?  Do you mean to put the mats on top of the trampoline?  In which case wouldn’t that interfere with the hiking straps?  Do you have a picture cos the now that I”ve added another hiking strap the AMA edge is really uncomfortable.


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        Paul White
        Paul White

          I omitted one vital instruction- put the padding in place under the tramps!

          Remove the trumps from the ama edge by untying the lashing underneath, then use the cable ties to apply the padding, then replace the tramps and retie underneath.

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