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    Sorry for not spotting this post earlier Michael.

    Gelcoat is polyester and available from fibreglass suppliers in brush-on and spray-on formulas. You need the clear (opaque) Gelcoat base to add the pigment to Рnot the white.

    The yellow colour is RAL 1018 as shown at the top of the Weta Wiki  Рif you approach a gelcoat supplier with that number they should be able to match it.

    I’d suggest using a set of inexpensive electronic kitchen scales to weigh your resin/pigment. Cover them with cling-film first to prevent any overspill damage.


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    I have to do some repair works of gel coats on my Weta main hull, center board and rudder. And so I have a couple of questions regarding that:

    1) Could you recommend which gel coat to choose (available in EU)?

    2) Is it possible to buy a color gel coat that suits Weta yellow hull colour?

    3) I find it difficult to perfectly match proportions of resin VS hardener, e.g. 100:1 means 100 gram of resin requires 1 gram of hardener. How to measure exactly 1 gram? Any tricks?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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