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      [caption id="attachment_683" align="alignnone" width="300"] Daggerboard slot[/caption]

      If you have water jetting out of the daggerboard slot, if the board moves from side to side or rises every time you tack or it doesn’t stay in position in the slot vertically – then you need to create a gasket in the slot to hold it in place.
      Early Wetas were particularly likely to have water projecting from the daggerboard slot which, while not harmful, is an indication of drag and turbulence around the slot.
      2015 onward boats (> #1000) had a better and tighter slot design but the white anti-spray “brush” gasket can compress over time which can be seen if the daggerboard starts to rise when you tack.

      You need to be aware that the gap at the top of the slot is wider than the slot at the bottom – so you can’t use the same gasket solution for both otherwise you may find it impossible to raise/lower the daggerboard.

      You can use cheap, thin carpet from DIY stores for the top of the slot. Measure the gap between your daggerboard and the edge of the slot and buy carpet which will fill this space – allowing for some compression. Use a contact adhesive to glue it into place – don’t use epoxy because you may need to replace it at some point in the future and contact adhesive is much easier to remove.

      1. Remove any old gasket material and adhesive and rub down the surface with 800 grit wet & dry paper. Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry and use acetone, alcohol or methylated spirits to remove any grease or old glue.
      2. Cut out a 3-4cm wide strip of carpet so that it is long enough to cover both sides of the slot. Check that the daggerboard can move in the slot if the carpet is in position by sliding it vertically either side. If its too tight you may be able to make it easier to move by cutting a thinner strip, shaving the carpet tufts with a razor blade or spraying it with silicon spray.
      3. Apply contact adhesive to a strip of carpet and one side of the slot and allow to set, then just before you insert the carpet, apply another layer of adhesive to one surface so you can slide the carpet into place without it grabbing.  Repeat the process for the other side of the slot.
      4. You need a thinner material for the bottom of the slot otherwise you will have difficulties adjusting the daggerboard. Some people have used self- adhesive furniture felt tape (used to prevent furniture scraping on floors). Others have used self-adhesive Velcro strip. Turn the main hull upside-down on the trolley and put the felt/velcro in place by removing a small piece of the backing tape so you can position one end in the slot. Then gradually remove the backing tape as you line up the rest of your gasket with the edge of the slot. Press it firmly into position and allow the adhesive to cure before immersing.

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