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      Now that the Weta has arrived I rigged it in the yard yesterday to check it out. After looking through various articles where the general opinion seems to be use hole 3 or 4 from the bottom on the stays as a starting point I tried hole 4. This resulted in huge mast rake. Hole 5 seemed more reasonable.

      Anyone had any experience with the new Singapore boats ? Are the stays the same length as the earlier ones ? How much rake should we actually have as a staring point ? It will become clear once I get a chance to put it on the water !

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        Hi Ian,

        Hope you have had time to enjoy the boat.  Mast rake – the conventional thinking is more mast rake the better, as in the lowest pinhole on the chainplate.   In stronger breeze the fastest technique is sitting on the ama.  I need a two foot leg extension – still might not make it!   Because the mast does not have spreaders, and is carbon I don’t think rake is as critical as in other classes.  I guess keep in mind more rake, more open slot and vice versa.

        Fastest track is the one with the most breeze with the flattest boat!


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          Thanks – had a first sail on Sunday – took a guess and it seemed to work out OK for the light-medium conditions. Lots to learn about how to make them go fast.

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