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    Hi everyone, after the success of Jarvis Bay and Canberra with ten Weta’s at each event, perhaps we should contemplate setting up a list of places where we should hold regattas to boost our fleet numbers, adopting existing club regattas.
    Below is a list of places I think should be must do regattas’
    To start the season at number one,
    1. The Cock of the Harbour in Sydney Harbour run by Woollahra Sailing club, Geoff W’s Club.
    2. Callala bay regatta Jarvis Bay JBSC Glenn’s club. (October)
    3. Canberra Multi hull ACT Titles YMCASC with four Canberra owners and growing this is a must do. (October)
    4. Palm Beach Sailing Club “Bullets Regatta” Sydney held in November My Club.
    5. Peter Loft Marathon BYRA Pittwater Sydney.
    6. Sydney Harbour regatta, (April) could be organised by Woollahra Sailing club.
    7. Gosford Sailing club, Alistair and David’s club should have an event we could do .
    8. Wallagoot Lake sailing club (Some where on the South Coast) Dennis’s club.
    So what do you all think?

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      Sounds like a plan to me Pete if we get a schedule going guys can plan on the vents they can attend .

      I f you go too Weta.com.au in the gallery theres about 18 pics from JB Rehgatta you guys might too look at , we are always aftre your vids and your pics it all helps me to promote the class and get new members/ owners


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        Sounds good Glenn

        If there are some set regattas we could even set up a travellers trophy to reward the dedicated travellers amongst us.

        Probably something for an association to sort out

        I’ll try to find out the dates for the Gosford Regatta (called the Len Walpole Memorial Regatta)


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        WETA NSW
        WETA NSW

          Hi Alistair yes ive thought of a travellers trophy maybe 3-5 events in the season

          1) JB Regatta – Dealers event great locale and help support country sailing club
          2) ACT titles – for the Canberra fleet support
          3) Peter loft Marathon – as this can be the distance event ?
          4) a gosford event – help build the profile and help our 2 boats up there
          5) a sydney event – either pittwater , Palm beach , woollhara , or other sydney Locale ?

          These are only suggestions and up for comment you guys can certainly add events and take charge of the fleets destiny


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            Can I also add to the list the Heaven Can Wait regatta sailed out of Toronto Sailing Club on Lake Macquarie. I have never done it but have always wanted to. Initially for yachts only, it was a 24hr distance race doing laps around Lake Macquarie to raise money fopr charity. It has since been expanded to include a 12hr race and also a “one lap dash” for small boats and dinghies. The ‘lap’ itself can vary according to the conditions on the day, I believe.

            Anyway, info is here:


            I’m not necessarily saying this should be part of a travellers trophy etc, just a fun event.


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              Hi Alistair,

              The HCW looks like a great day out.  I’ve put the date into the calendar.







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