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    Paul White
    Paul White

      Issue: Existing Weta owners know that the first thing you do when you assemble a Weta is to remove the tramps so you can put closed cell foam under the tramp edges secured by cable ties (gluing makes replacement difficult). Without the padding the tramp edge can quickly become uncomfortable when hiking out and particularly if Ama hiking.

      Solution: This padding should be installed at the factory to improve the initial sailing experience.

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        Solved by inserting ‘heater insulating foam tube’ under the trampoline. You can buy them for some 6€ a pair at most home-improvement suppliers. You can insert them just loosening a bit the trampoline cables and inserting them from the corner. (Mine are: dimeter: 42 mm, thickness: 20 mm, length: 1 m).

        After this improvement you will love sailing on edge of your trampoline…

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        Paul White
        Paul White

          Sure, we all use padding to make the tramp edge more comfortable. The point I was trying to make is that foam padding should be supplied with new boats.

          One problem with pipe cladding is that it tends to be quite soft and looses it’s cushioning ability after use. I use foam floor mats which are firmer foam and don’t compress so easily.


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