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    Paul White
    Paul White

      Any stainless steel products that come into contact with salt-water will gradually be prone to corrosion.

      Any stainless steel products that come into contact with carbon and seawater or are screwed into carbon, will be subject to galvanic corrosion caused by the reaction of the steel and carbon. For example the rudder pivot pin and tiller extension locator on the tiller.

      It is recommended to carefully inspect any metal component on a monthly basis and to replace critical components on an annual basis – such as the screws holding the tiller extension on to tiller.

      Other critical components are the metal loops for the harness and mainsheet in the cockpit floor. The welds are a point of weakness and can fail.

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      Martin Langhoff

        such as the screws holding the tiller extension 

        We’ve had this Weta for a couple months, sailed it once or twice a week. Only part to break so far, the screws holding the tiller extension. Perhaps it’s a common problem. They had not apparent corrosion but were oddly hollowed out in the core.

        Drilled them out, replaced them with stainless steel pop rivets.

        Aluminium with Carbon fiber is a no-no… stainless steel, depends on the formulation apparently – https://www.corrosionpedia.com/galvanic-corrosion-of-metals-connected-to-carbon-fiber-reinforced-polymers/2/1556 talks about “pitting” which matches what I saw in those screws.

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