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      I just finished an afternoon on the lake with my sailing club and I am so impressed with my Weta!

      The forecast yesterday was for light winds at 8-10 knots. Everything changed dramatically when I got to the lake today. Gusts were up to 25 (according to NOAA weather) but they felt stronger!

      In spite of the fact that I’m a new Weta sailor and made every mistake in the book, my little boat kept me out of the lake and feeling in control of the situation.

      At one point the leeward hull took a deep dive as I rounded the bottom mark but all I had to do was let the boat round up into the wind to pop it back up.

      This was definitely a “trial by fire” afternoon, and my Weta came through wonderfully!

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      Paul White
      Paul White

        What a great endorsement and I think all of the other Weta sailors would agree with you!

        Can I have your permission to send this to Weta Marine for the website/Facebook Page – and if you have a photo with the boat even better.


        My eMail is ausweta@gmail.com


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