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      One option for those who find passing the single tiller around the stern is to attach two tiller extensions to the tiller and swap over after tacking.

      On skiffs which also have twin tillers, they usually leave the loose one to drag in the water but that does mean you still have to go back to get it – and on a Weta going to the stern slows the boat as the stern sinks causing drag.

      Attaching the tiller extensions

      You can’t just attach another tiller extension underneath the tiller as this is going to hit the cockpit so the normal solution is to use two tiller attachments either side of the tiller.

      Tom Kirkman’s alternative method is to slide some rubber tube part way onto the end of the extension and then drill a hole for a bolt through the extra tube which means you can use the existing bolt holes on top of the tiller.

      Keeping the loose extension out of the water

      Foam Blocks
      One solution is to use foam blocks (or similar) and attach them to the tramp using some shockcord so they are held in place at the rear edge of the tramp where the hiking strap is secured. Then when you drop the tiller on the tramp it stays put in all but the biggest waves.

      Advantage: You have full movement of both tiller extensions

      Disadvantage: They can be swept off the edge if caught by a wave and the blocks look a bit strange

      Tom’s method is to slide a plastic ring onto the extension and clips the ring to a short line tied to the tramp. This allows him hike from the edge of the tramp and to unhook the tiller extension if he needs to go forward.

      Advantage: The tiller extension cannot fall in the water.

      Disadvantage: Movement is restricted especially if you need to move fore and aft.

      Rings 2
      NZ method (used on parasailing boats at World Masters Games)

      Slide a stainless steel ring onto the tiller extension and attach this to some thin line tied onto the tramp so that the extension cannot fall into the water. Ring slides back down the tiller as you pick it up allowing a greater angle of movement.

      Advantage: The tiller extension cannot fall in the water. Tiller extension has a wide arc of movement.

      Disadvantage: May be some restriction on movement if you need to move fore and aft.

      Conduit tube hooks
      Hamish has added a section of electrical conduit tube under the tramps tied to the grab handles. The tube has a small vertical section attached to the back with a piece of plastic tube inserted that catches the extension and prevents the tube from falling in the water. Geoff Waldon borrowed Hamish’s boat and found the system worked very well.


      NOTE: Before going down the twin tiller route, take a look at the traveller option which allows you to keep hold of the one tiller extension through the tack.

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