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      What pressure do you recommend for inflating the beach tires?  I have a set of tires that came with the used Weta I bought.  They are smooth on the outside and don’t seem to have a brand name.

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      Paul White
      Paul White

        I’ve had a tyre burst when the trolley was left in the sun while I was sailing so it depends where you leave it.

        The max allowable pressure is printed on the side-wall of the tyre. Depending on manufacturer it will be between
        22 and 30 psi. 18 to 20 psi is recommended if you leave it in the sun while sailing.

        I’ve also found that sun exposure when the boat is parked has started to cause the rubber of the tyre wall to deteriorate which doesn’t help.

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          Thank you for your quick reply and advice.  Strangely enough my beach tires don’t have the max pressure on the sidewalls but they do work and that’s what counts.

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            Handy pump from Amazon – “Fineed Hand-Held 12V Electric Mini Air Inflator” .

            Set; 20 PSI for Dolly, 33 PSI car and Trailer.

            Write the PSI(s) with a marker right on the pump. Also write the PSI on the trailer and Dolley…  Very quick without the workout. More time Sailing!

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