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    Pete Pollard

    An asymmetrical spinnaker would be a great help in any sort of distance sailing. Not sure it is well suited to class racing, the double handed teams would have a huge advantage.

    I know there is one available, I’m saving my pennies…


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      Paul White
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      As you mention, there already is a larger 12.92 asymmetrical spinnaker available from Weta which is for handicap racing in mixed fleets but not allowed for class racing.

      The only downside of it is that you can’t furl it around the forestay like the normal kite, but it comes with a pulley which you install on the mast so that you can drop it along the deck and secure it in the cockpit until it’s required. See video below.

      However, Randy Smyth has developed a fuller version of the standard kite which will be used by Linda Wright in her attempt on the 200 mile Everglades Challenge in March 2015. 

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