With the switch to manufacturing  the Weta by Xtreme Sailing Products (XSP) based in Singapore, Weta Marine has taken the opportunity to revise the Weta Trimaran. The design footprint is unchanged and the ‘one design’ rule will remain in place, but new moulds and construction techniques give the 2015 Weta a tighter, better quality build.



Sails from North Sails


Screecher furler cleat on side deck

Killwell cabon fibre beans for precision fit

Precision centreboard slot with nylon pile padding

Clean deck grip

Amas now joined vertically instead of horizontally and with additional internal stiffening

Ropes from Liros

Dry Ama hatches with redesigned flat transom

Strengthened rudder pintle and gudgeons

Custom carbon pads with Ronstan blocks for tramps

Strengthened foredeck


Rear hiking strap

Photos by Bob Hyde
New on the left, old on the right

Hull to deck joint on the new model is distinctly beefier. Lip has been removed from end of floats so ports are now flush.

IMG_20150413_111544.jpg IMG_20150413_111556.jpg

Bow is blunter with a larger overhang – bowsprit and bowsprit hole are identical in new and old boats.

IMG_20150413_111228.jpg IMG_20150413_111334.jpg

Rudder transom bar is a separate piece glued and screwed into place onto supports at either side of the cockpit whereas the old version was integrated into the deck mould by hand. New rudder gudgeons are triangular and therefore stronger.

IMG_20150413_111904.jpg IMG_20150413_111430.jpg

Float attachment point is different with sealing done using a soft compound and a reinforcement pad.

IMG_20150413_111207.jpg IMG_20150413_111349.jpg

Float beam joint is much cleaner, stronger and has a better overall finish

IMG_20150413_111252.jpg IMG_20150413_111346.jpg

Floats now have vertical joints hidden under non-skid with much more fair finish.

IMG_20150413_111217.jpg IMG_20150413_111339.jpg

IMG_20150413_112004.jpg IMG_20150413_111954.jpg

New flat carbon tramp pulley attachments instead of the previous surface mounted pulley (which was painful to sit on)

IMG_20150413_111304.jpg IMG_20150413_111409.jpg


Launch trolley structure has been changed and beefed up.

IMG_20150413_111515.jpg IMG_20150413_111441.jpg


Non-skid is different.

IMG_20150413_111642.jpg IMG_20150413_111656.jpg

The “notch” in the stern lip has been removed just behind the drain plug.

IMG_20150413_111456.jpg IMG_20150413_111418.jpg

The foredeck now has a rib for added stiffness.


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